Lee Mack

Hi all,

Its my birthday today and my oh and I went to see Lee Mack at Demonfort last night, it was brilliant, i haven’t laughed that much in ages, Got home just gone 11.00 , i was shattered by all the laughing I’d done.

Lisa x

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happy birthday!

its not often i am jealous but i am! lee mack is brill!

have a great day!


Happy birthday Lisa :slight_smile: Lee Mack is one of my favourite comedians :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Lisa have a lovely day.

Ditto Ellie, his one liners are so funny.

Jan x

Happy Birthday to You

( today is my birthday, too )

I love Lee Mack - lucky you!

Happy Birthday Tinga

Jan x

Thanks Jan - I am having a chocolate and curry day today ( might not be nice to know tomorrow!!)

Yaaaaay! Happy Birthday to you etc…

glad you enjoyed the show. I like Lee Mack…especially when he does his cockney routine…


Thank you everyone, happy birthday Tinga.

Had a lovely day, went out for lunch with Mick (oh) & my daughter, my eldest lad at work & my youngest at school. Laura is now at university which doesn’t start till next week.

Yes Lee Mack is one of my favourite comedians.

Lisa x