Leaky bladder

Please could someone tell me what a leaky bladder is? Does it mean you actually wet yourself? Or just feel like there are a few drops here and there? General damp feeling (yuk) I’ve had that for a few days not sure if MS related or infection/thrush etc. If I ever had sex would suspect an STD but it can’t be that!

Hello. there’s loads of things that could cause bladder problems. Diagnosed with MS or not, you should probably see the GP & take along a urine sample. Even if you have MS, you cannot blame every problem with your body on that.

Hi, leaky bladders can be a common thing for lots of ladies!

Laughing, sneezing, coughing…they are all possible ways to leak!

But dont automatically put it down to the likelihood of MS…particularly if you haven`t been diagnosed with MS.

Best thing is to make a note of how and when it happens and speak to your GP, eh?


I have had urge incontinence, few episodes of bed wetting during my sleep and incomplete emptying of bladder. I’m not dx waiting results but have put in samples with gp to rule out infection as cause, 1 came back as infection so had antibiotics but no change in symptoms others have been clear. I would certainly rule out another cause before putting bladder probs definitely on symptom list Axx