Does any one use LDN in the liquid form and find that it tastes horrible? It was made up at the local chemist that I use.

I have only taken liquid ldn from Dickson Chemist and that was perfectly ok. You could just take capsules, unless you are looking to establish the dose.

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I would describe my LDN taste as burnt cherries, I don’t find it horrible.

Did you have your LDN made up by a compounding chemist? Not all chemists are


Eee, its some time since I saw anything about LDN on here! I tried it a few years ago, but its benefits soon waned.

Glad to know it`s still helpful. I didnt find it too bad to take…just knocked it back.


Is LDN any good?. Could put up with the nasty taste if it was helping but not sure what it helps with. I notice it worked for a while Poll which I guess is better than nothing!.

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Take a look at this information and see what you think.

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Thank you. I know people who swear by it and if helps with spasticity then worth a try. Not sure my GP will give me a script as he wouldnt want to tread on my neuro’s toes and the neuro may not be keen as I am on a DMD. Still worth a try.


i got my LDN sent from dicksons in glasgow.

it tasted horrid so i used to eat fresh pineapple afterwards.

Peter you could get a private prescription but that works out expensive if you need to see a private doctor.

i have heard of people using BUPA for their LDN prescription.

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When I tried it, I got a letter from my MS nurse. I got it dispensed in the Glasgow chemist most of us use. It cost £20 a month. I stopped my bladder urgency. But it caused sleeplessness.

Some have used it for years and swear by it. It seems to slow progression. And reduce relapses.

Most GPS/neuros won’t prescribe it.


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The answer is always no unless you actually ask your GP for a prescription. It’s definitely nothing like a DMD, but you can combine both treatments if you wish.

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What is a compounding chemist?

Thanks for all the comments. I spoke to a doctor at the Glasgow clinic about something else and when LDN was mentioned he had never heard of people saying it tasted horrible. He said Dicksons had their own recipe. I was drinking water to get rid of the horrible taste and then thinking am I diluting the amount I’m taking?!

Yes Dickson Chemist was where I got mine from and it tasted perfectly acceptable

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There is nothing to stop your GP prescribing if they think it is in your best interest, so always worth asking.

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My GP prescribes and have no experience of e med, but understand they are widely used without any problems.

Best to order liquid ldn from Dickson Chemist, as you can adjust the dose so much easier.


You can’t get ldn without a prescription, so you will need to use one of the on line services, like e med. I am told it is a pretty straightforward process, so shouldn’t have any problems.

Sorry, it was getting late. The process is explained in this link, although the prices may have changed a bit.

“If you are unable to obtain a prescription from your GP, E-med –a private company –offer an LDN private prescription service. You will need to register with E-med (current annual charge is £20) and provide them with a letter from your GP confirming that you have MS. There is a charge of £15 per prescription issued (usually for a 3 month supply). Further details can be found at: