Hi All

Following on from my MRI showing new lesions, I am now looking at LDN and wondered if it is effective on all types of MS: RRMS, SPMS & PPMS. I don’t really know what type of MS I have, I think I have had a few relapses and recovered but seem to have more lesions.

Has anyone had an MRI scan after being on LDN and wondered if it actually reduces the number of lesions



The honest answer is that ldn can help any type of MS, but like most treatments this is far from guaranteed. Your best bet is to read the anecdotal information at www.ldnresearchtrust.org and see what you make of it.

Personally, I am not too bothered about lesions and prefer to concentrate on what I can, and can’t do.

l have SPMS - have had it now for 30yrs. 3yrs ago l started taking LDN - it has been very beneficial to me and l am so glad that l learnt about it -from folk on here. lt makes me feel much more positive and alive. AND l have not ‘progressed’ since taking it. Wish l had known about it years ago. lt is not a ‘cure’ - but it does help me cope with symptoms. lt can be taken by people with RRMS alongside dmd’s.

Make sure you also take vitd3/vitb12 - as we do all need a much higher level.