Ldn NOT in fridge

Hi, after a particularly bad month or so of struggling more than usual, I’ve decided to give ldn another try. I used it before but am going to give it another go. Anyway, it says to keep it in the fridge, does anyone NOT keep it in the fridge? The reason I ask is that my mother is a frequent visitor to the house and she would notice it in the fridge and I’d rather she didn’t see it for now. Thanks. Cheryl:-)


can you not get the tablets they dont need to be kept in the fridge

could you not save some other food packaging to hide it in?

May I gently suggest you do not have to justify to your mum what choices you make about your own illness and your own body? You are a grown up. You are not taking/doing anything shameful or illegal, so should not have to hide it, in your own home, from members of your own family. I imagine, from the context, you feel your mum would disapprove in some way? But why? And even if she did, you’re a big girl now. Not as if she has no inkling you have MS (I don’t think so, anyway, from what you’ve said previously about how it affects you). So why should you have to hide medicines before she comes, as if you were doing something naughty? I reckon let her see it. It’s your business what you keep in your own fridge. It’s your mum who’s out of line, if she starts commenting, or trying to tell you what’s best for an illness she presumably doesn’t have. Tina x

Trish, that is an idea but I kinda vary the dose and like the liquid for that. Dead chick, I couldn’t hide it because I keep my fridge very tidy and there’s never a lot of stuff in it anyway so she would spot anything else right away. Tina, you are so right of course, I just couldn’t be bothered dealing with a question about it. But, the last time I had Ldn I kept it in the fridge (and in fact I also kept my sativex in there), so I think you’re right actually, bung it in the fridge and if my mum has a problem with it there so what! Btw, the reason my mum goes into the fridge is because she enjoys a coffee when she visits and I don’t really drink coffee so she makes her own coffee and goes into the fridge for milk. Cheryl:-)


You read my mind, Cheryl. :wink: I hardly even dared ask what she was doing looking in the fridge in the first place!

It’s reasonable that she should fetch for herself things that she wants, but you don’t - especially if your MS makes it hard for you to be up and down seeing to someone all the time, when they’re perfectly capable of doing it themselves. I just had an awful vision, for a moment, of her checking your fridge, to see if it met hygiene and nutritional standards (in her opinion)! Not that dissimilar to running a finger along the mantelpiece, and raising an eyebrow - LoL!

I’m glad it’s not quite like that. But even so, I think she needs to accept and respect whatever she finds there, up to a point. As long as it’s not firearms, drugs (the illegal kind, not LDN), or the odd dead rodent or two, I don’t think it’s her prerogative to pass comment. You’re ill; you have stuff in the house other people don’t have - don’t even have to think about having. That shouldn’t come as a shock to your mum.