LDN and beta blockers

Hi all

I’ve been having a tough time recently - RRMS has moved into SPMS and symptoms have been getting significantly worse. I’ve managed to stay positive over the last few years but really struggling now and feeling incredibly anxious.

Gave in and saw my GP who has prescribed beta blockers (propranalol) and also diazepam as I feel constantly nauseous and unable to eat which of course is just making me feel worse.

I take LDN - does anyone know if I can still take it with beta blockers? I have googled and emaile LDN Trust but haven’t heard and it seems the diazepam shouldn’t be combined with it but couldn’t find anything about beta blockers.

If anyone can help I’d be really grateful.



My understanding is that most things are ok with ldn except opiates. Try sending Dicksons Chemist a mail (or call) and ask them for confirmation.

Thanks will give them a call - appreciate the speedy reply