Laugh or cry?

Bear with me on this one, it may go on. So, there I was, successfully managing my MS and feeling a bit too smug. I had even managed to get a job with CAB for two days a week and thought I had cracked it. I was earning, had a bit more self esteem, and felt a useful member of society again, or at least I felt I was contributing by helping others. I was looking forward to going on a cruise with my family for my 60th and everything in the garden seemed rosy. Of course I should have known that lurking round the corner were a load of tumbleweeds just waiting to roll through my life. After a few weeks with CAB I was feeling a bit lethargic and had even less energy than usual. Anyway to cut a short story long I ended up feeling shockingly ill and, as blokes do, decided it wasn’t that bad and that a few days in bed would help me recover. Fast forward 8 weeks and I’m still in bed trying to shake this off. By this time I couldn’t weight bear any more (previously I had been able to lurch around on two walking sticks), and was aware I had lost some weight so called in the cavalry. It turned out I had pneumonia in both lungs and needed to be in hospital, urgently. Spent 3 weeks in hospital, they confirmed I had lost 30 kilos and was discharged a week before the cruise but decided to go even though I knew it would be a very different holiday to the one I had planned. A bit of R&R I thought, that’s what I need. This is when it developed into a farce. Travelled from Aberdeen to Southampton to join the ship and the whole family seemed really happy, which was great. Only one thing would have made my life complete, my luggage. I had sent my suitcase by courier but it disappeared, never to be seen again. So, there I was, with one change of underwear, socks and shirt. First stop Barcelona, three days away. The only things I could buy on the ship were boxers and socks. Of course, in keeping with how my life was panning out, I washed three pairs of the boxers and they blew off my balcony into the sea. I almost wept laughing as I watched them floating gently away from the ship. The good news was that I didn’t have the urge to join them. Anyway, bought some crap stuff in Barcelona as I couldn’t afford to but decent gear and spent the rest of the cruise looking like a tramp who has turned up at a state dinner. Enjoyed the cruise although the pneumonia was still playing havoc with my body and the lack of muscle mass made walking impossible. Just a different cruise from the one I had planned. Of course, the upside is that I now get to fight with the useless barstewards who lost my luggage and also go on a shopping spree once I get my insurance claim through. After that comes months of rehab to try to get me back on my feet, a long shot I know but if you don’t try you will never succeed. Annoyed that I will have to give up my job but I’m sure that once I am fighting fit something else will come up. I can still see those boxers sealing serenely along the wave tops of the Mediterranean…


Oh dear gary,so sorry you had such a run of bad luck.The bit about your boxers made me laugh though.Its stuff that happens to me,you dont think things can get any worse BUT the always seem to do.Hope you start to feel stronger soon,well done for even going on the cruise though, i wouldnt have been brave enough to. J x


You should get in touch with Jeremy Clarkson, he’s in hospital with pneumonia too, he’ll give you a job.