Laugh everyday 😁

Hi all, anyone live in the East Midlands? Close to Loughborough? Looking to connect, chat, find new friends.

Have a good weekend :grin:

sorry, I can not help with contacts in your area, but I did a google search and there are some MS groups to be found, so if you have no joy via this forum there are search options available. Although I hope someone on this site will be able to give you a better response.
All the best

Hi, I’m not far from you. I live in Derby.

Hello, Derby not too far! How are you? I am close to Loughborough. How’s lockdown treating you?
I haven’t been on this site for a while, I found nobody close by, just after making new friends :grin:

Hi Mick, thank you, appreciated, haven’t been on this site for a while, no responses close to my area. 1 has replied this time :grin: but you can never make too many friends, if you know of any other sites, people?

Hey I live in Leicester so not too far away from either of you.
How are you both?

Hey Lauren, I’m good, just need a bit more sun! Weekend is going way to fast! Haven’t been to Leicester for about 2 years now, used to love shopping. How’s it looking?


Did you look at site?

@satsuma Yes everything is fine I think! Bit more normal now everything is opening up :slight_smile:

I think I applied for a job…not heard back yet.

Haven’t really gone out alot to see what’s going on. Waiting for my second jab.
Do miss snorkeling and going to the movies… I do know the supermarket really well now though! Lol what have you been missing?

Good luck in getting the job! Snorkelling?! sounds very adventurous, where do you do that? I miss just going out for a meal and also going to the cinema and bowling

Snorkeling, usually when I get to go on holiday, Greece has been good or Spain. My friend went to Annie’s burger place the other weekend, first time she’d been out in ages, said it wasn’t the same, no atmosphere… what food do you go for? Nota fan of bowling but love the cinema! Worked at one for 8 years, never paid for a ticket!

Hello, good weekend? What’s Derby like with the lockdown? How are you getting on?
Loughborough is not the same…
Take care, keep in touch, Ana.