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Good evening everyone. Just after a bit of advice please. I was diagnosed with RRMS last May. I’m due to see my neurologist in a couple of weeks and he arranged an MRI because I have been on Copaxone injections for a Year to see if there has been any change. I received a letter today which he sent my GP stating that there are new lesions ‘in the left side of the Pons’ and a small lesion somewhere else and the lesion which was originally in my cervical spine is still visible. He therefore has stated that at our next meeting (5th July) he will discuss with me the possibility of starting a more powerful second line treatment?!?! Can anyone shed some light on what these ‘second line treatments’ could be. I just thought he would change me to Tecfidera or similar but when I search these they come up as first line treatments. I know I should just wait and speak to him but typically I’m now stressing that it’s obviously progressing a lot quicker than he thought it would.

Thank you



hi paula

tecfidera can be given as a second line med.

i switched to tec after copaxone left me with bad lipotrophy.

tecfidera can even be given as a first line treatment.

the more powerful treatments are tysabri and lemtrada.

my ms nurse said that if tecfidera didn’t work for me i could try one of these.

carole x