Im 61 and back in 2016 was diagnosed by the GP as having MS following an MRI with multiple ‘unusual’ white patches.

Have seen a couple of Neurologists. One says I havent got MS the other says I have.

I have read a lot and in particular about Late Onset MS which is generally classed as anyone over the age of 50.

Apparently the presentation can be quite different and being older other conditions have to be ruled out first before the diagnosis is confirmed and like Adult onset MS can at times take years. Thats the frustrating part.

I would like to start this thread on Late Onset MS (LOMS) and invite anyone else who likewise has faced the diagnosis or symptoms after age 50 and what their journey, symptoms, and diagnosis (or lack therefor as yet) has been like

Kind Regards

i was diagnosed in 2008 aged 50.

i only had one MRI, evoked potentials and lumbar puncture.

looking back, i had suspicious ailments from my teens.

fortunately i didn’t know there was a possibility of it being ms.

i would have missed out on mad times and lots of glastonbury weekends.

i regret not asking more questions at the time.

When my symptoms were being investigated, my neurologist told me that I was too old, at the age of 52 to have MS.

Less than a year later, after a lumbar puncture, he told me I had PPMS.

My first symptoms were optic neuritis and bladder incontinence, followed by drop foot and then neuropathic pain and general mobility problems.

I also had evoked potential tests and MRI.

Just interested in how many with ealry / adult / or late onset MS have had Glandular Fever (also called Infectious Mononucleosis, or the Kissing disease caused by the Epstein-Barr virus) in their childhood / teens / young adulthood?