Laquinimod research anybody?

Hi everyone my name is Jane and I’m new to all this forum posting malarky so please forgive me if Ive posted in the wrong place or I say the wrong thing! I was diagnosed with RMMS in May 2012 and I have just quietly gone about coping with it in my own way (brushing it under the carpet most of the time!). I took amytripylene (sp) for a short while which did nothing but make me want to sleep, I was then told to try pregabilin (sp) which I havent taken. I much prefer a holistic approach wherever possible, vitamins, exercise, reflexology etc, so far that and a positive frame of mind have kept me sane, although Im aware this might not be possible forever. After my last relapse - optic neuritis - my neurologist asked me to take part in a clinical trial of laquinimod, its proper thrown me! There are so many pro’s and cons my head is spinning! The obvious pro’s are it may slow down the progression for me and countless other MS sufferer’s if its licensed and the ongoing constant care, MRI’s etc and being looked at the hosipital (I sometimes feel a little left out on a limb, anyone else feel like this?) The cons mainly for me is what the drug is going to do to me long term (someone who has a slightly phobia of regular drugs this is the giant step for me to take) I keep thinking if I get cancer 10 years down the line it will be down to the drug, liver complaints, the list of side effects is pretty huge!

So what do you think? Is anyone else doing this trial? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Jane x

hi jane

all drugs carry risks but if you feel that the pros outweigh the cons then go for it!

i’m about to start tecfidera, also an oral treatment.

there are side effects and risks but i’m going for it.

i was diagnosed in 2008 and have been on copaxone daily injections but now my injection sites are too bad to continue.

i hope you can reach a decision without suffering worry!

carole x

Thanks for your reply.

Jane x