Ladies - need advice embarrassed

Not been on for a while but I have a strange problem I am 58yrs old and my nipples are permanently sticking out for about 6 weeks now. I have 2 adult sons and am so embarassed a tee shirt - cannot wear even a heavy cardigan they show through I have noticed people looking thought maybe I should buy padded bras but this is new to me they are like that all the time. Maybe rizzo would have a clue not sure its a funny one.


maybe you should check with your gp - any changes in your breasts should be looked at…


Hi Jan. I’m with Chris - best to see your GP. It might be something as simple as using a different washing powder or body cream, but it might be a sign of a hormonal or autonomic imbalance. Best to get it checked out properly.

Karen x

In the meantime, padded bras (t-shirt bras) are definitely the way to go. I’ve been wearing them since I was 18 years old as I got tired of people looking at my nipples rather than my face!

Hi, I would agree with the other respondents about seeing your GP.

Hope it can be sorted and ease your mind.

luv Pollx