Lactose Intolerant

Hiya - after 2 years of wondering why I had a bloated stomach, cramps and tummy pain I’ve been diagnosed as Lactose Intolerant!

I now need to follow a dairy free diet which is fine if it stops the above issues!

Having struggled along with MS for the last 24 years it gives me something else to focus on!

I wondered if there were others on this sitenthat were also Lactose Intolerant?

Sue xx

hi sue

i haven’t been officially told that i’m intolerant of anything so i eat and drink everything!

i have tried milk alternatives because my vegetarian son is tempted to be a vegan.

almond milk is nice and coconut milk is lovely.

both by alpro

carole x

I am, have been for 15+ years. Eating out can be tricky and it can sometimes just be a try it and see matter. Hard cheese are ok since they don’t contain lactose, but any soft cheese is a no go for me. goodbye to most pastries tho lol and I love pastries. we have learned to cook a lot of meals that have milk/cream in them by substituting coconut milk, but there are other alternatives out there i would think

I am just intolerant…does that count??? :wink:

Roobs xx