Kurmudgeon's Korner

Hallo all,

I follow Wheelchair Kamikaze’s excellent blog, he’s a man in America with very severe PPMS. He has done some great videos of New York City as recorded from the arm of his powerchair, and he writes eloquently - if you don’t already know his blog, I strongly recommend it.

Recently he alerted his readers to a web-community of people with MS called Kurmudgeon’s Corner. This community is not generally publicised, but is currently looking for new members. I decided to join.

Has anyone already joined? I’d like to know what sort of experience you’ve had with it.

The reason I ask is that I was a bit disturbed by an email I received from an administrator of this forum, which was rather off-puttingly stern in tone, and included the following worrying statement:

“Forum business is forum business. Discussing disagreements or disciplinary measures outside the Korner is decidedly tacky and won’t be tolerated.”

Would I really want to join a forum which has “disciplinary measures”? Would I really want to join a form in which discussion of “discliplinary measures” outside the form is not tolerated?!

I’d be really interested to hear from anyone who has already joined.

Best regards all round,


PS silly me, by “outside the form” of course I meant “outside the forUm”. I used to be a great typist - my skills are slipping!

hi chris

i once watched kamikaze’s video but it was ages ago.

as for disciplinary measures - how S & M, i much prefer M & S!

very tactless, the person who wrote that hasn’t considered the feelings of the reader.

I have seen that kind of remark on games!

yes, silly time wasting games on facebook.

life’s too short to get involved in other people’s power trips.

if you are happy to join, then do so.

If Miss/Mr Whiplash decides to discipline you, you can always leave.

good luck

carole xx

Hi Carole,

Yes the ‘power trip’ aspect of this seemingly totalitarian regime is deeply unappealing.


Well, Chris, you are in a forum with disciplinary measures right now.

The mods or the web-team can shut you off, or issue a public rebuke if you infringe the house rules.

Equally, you can report a post that you feel infringes those same rules

It’s called Denocracy.


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And I have to say that I looked at Kurmudgeon’s Korner - and ended up by signing up for it.
I guess that all the old hands here would feel at home.

Discipline? Well, you might be made to stand in the Naughty Corner for half an hour if you transgressed.
Looks like a lot of people joined via Marc’s Wheelchair Kamikazi page.

Not easy to find a qway in, but it looks like fun.


Hello. I found KK sometime last week when I was looking for some kind of chat for MSers by MSers. This popped up and I attempted to join. I’ve had the email with the link, I went on and filled out what was needed. Now, I’m waiting to see if I’m allowed to join. I understand that people need to be careful on the internet and hopefully I will be allowed in soon.

Lawrence Hofer here I got MS back in 2013 first thing was double vision went to see Lady she was working with our LORDS holly spirit she fixed it next was couldn’t walk got LEMTRADA doing monthly blood work to check how my body is doing after getting that deadly drug now I am with lady that’s been working with herbs OUR LORDS meds cooking out herbs 1st drink was to clean my body and rebuild now I’m on drink to remilenate my nerves