Knacked feeling.

Good to see some of the ‘old gang!’ - I was ‘cracowian’ in a former life.
A typical day - up early - o.k. for a while then a feeling of being ill/unwell - back to bed - up again still unwell then back to bed.
Same in the afternoon/evening. No headache/pain just feels like a bad hangover.
Is this a form of fatigue?
Any drug to help?
Any one else have the same thing?

Blimey long time no hear cracoweian Valleyboy. I take Modafanil for fatigue - jury’s out as to whether it actually helps. Don’t think you can get it any more - it’s amatadine now
Good luck
Min :purple_heart:x​:purple_heart:

Hello Cracowian

(Can’t get used to Valleyboy so easily, it sounds a bit giddy and light - not the K/Cracowian who delights is teaching the English a little Welsh language!)

Fatigue - which it sounds like, is a nightmare. Yes, there are drugs, Amantadine works for some people. I took it for some time years ago, but it stopped working. I remember driving home from Bath once and having to stop to have a snooze in a service station. That’s when I knew it wasn’t working!

Modafinil, as FFMin says (hello Min :hugs:), is a better drug by far, but it’s hard to get prescribed these days. I think there was a problem with heart problems for some users so NICE decided it shouldn’t be prescribed for MS fatigue anymore. It was always ‘off label’ anyway - it’s actually licensed for narcolepsy. I took that for a few years and it worked. Until it didn’t anymore.

If you can, try to sort out fatigue by using fatigue management techniques: is quite useful. Then again, Professor Giovannoni has just sent this ‘MS-Selfie’: Are you sleep-deprived? - by Gavin Giovannoni - Prof G's MS-Selfie Newsletter Dr G is saying that sleep deprivation is actually causing a lot of people’s fatigue.

Whatever you do, my feeling about fatigue is generally to let it win. Fighting fatigue is like fighting a dragon (you know about those I believe) with both arms tied behind your back and no weapons. The dragon will definitely win. You stand no chance, so just give in before it makes you fall asleep on a motorway (those things you don’t have many of in Wales: they have lots of lanes full of bad tempered drivers and will kill you if you fall asleep on them just as surely as the dragon will). So sleep when your body tells you to. Break up household jobs into little tasks. Don’t try to do too much. Ask for help from family & friends and make sure you get enough sleep at night.

Fatigue is a git. MS is a $#*^=§.

Sue x

Thanks Sue
My problem is that the bad days are always preceded by less bad days (nearly said good days!!) and I overdo things on those days and of course pay the price later on.
Problem with Welsh roads is they’re overcrowded by the incomers from East of Offa’s Dyke…

So basically, you know what the problem is but want some magic beans to make it not be a problem?

Hmmm, if only we had an evil genius lunatic who could at least pretend to invent some!!!

(And there was me thinking the problem with the roads in Wales was their twisty nature. Isn’t that one of the reasons why the English had such difficulty invading and subduing you?)

Sue, from the ‘wrong’ side of Offa’s Dyke x

Csn fatigue make you feel sick? I feel dreadful with fatigue and nausea.