King Arthur and the Knights

One day Arthur announced he was off on a solitary pilgrimage, uneasy at leaving Guinevere alone with over fifty randy knights for three months that he would be away, he went to the blacksmith and had him make a special chastity belt. He fitted the belt on Guinevere and went off on his pilgrimage a little bit happier. After the three months had elapsed, Arthur ordered all his knights to stand in a line and lift up the front of their tunics. Arthur went along the row of men and inspected their manhood, all but one man had their penises cut to ribbons, for unknown to Guinevere and the men, the chastity belt has a small grinder that worked when anything was inserted inside. Arthur cried out, you Lancelot are my loyal friend, you are the most trusted of all my knights, speak and you shall have whatever you want, Lancelot replied, mmmmmmuuuuuunnnppphhhhh.

oooh I didnt guess the punchline…you naughty, but very funny joker you!


lancelot, the most resourceful of knghts!

carole x

It made me laugh, thank you

Well!! I couldn’t get the punch line, had to ask my husband…he’s left the room laughing at me.

You cheeky man lol

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