Karen yet again is a star

Some of you will of read that the dreaded first wheelchair had arrived.

Karen pointed out the idea wasnt to hop in when too exhausted to continue,or send hubby back to the car…using it from the start had never crossed my mind!!!

Last night (Gertie) as my chair is now called had her first trip to a large shopping complex with my husband and teenage daughter it tow.I did a mixture of self propelling and being pushed.

I never meet anyone I know there, but last night as soon as I got there I met the work finance director shortly followed by one of my best members of staff. Neither of them said a word but I bet the emails and txts have been flying!!!

All in all after being quite fazed by its arrival I am a convert. I cooked the tea when we got home as I was the only one with the energy to do it. The morning after a mamouth shopping trip I was up,showered and koi fed by 8-30.

All I can say is another huge thank you to Karen for making me bite the bullet,and to anyone else who has one tucked away get it out and use it. My Gertie is my friend already and the suitcases will have to give way to her when we go away next month as Gertie will take priority in the boot space.

Just think I can go proper Christmas shopping this year,and the copaxone is doing its job so I am relapse free,and the up shot of work getting rid of me is that I wont be on call either.

Anyone who is down in the dumps at the moment I wrote this so you can take heart that things do improve,it means adapting to the new you,but life without ms would still throw curved balls at you. The one thing is the people on here that are futher along in their ms journey than you can offer practical advice and the courage to do things differently to get the most out of life.

Today is a good day and I hope it is for all of you


So pleased for you Pip! Chis

Well done Pip, really pleased for you xx

Brilliant news!!! When I read Karen’s analogy about the 2 shop’s 10 shops 5 shops thing, it made a LOT of sense!!

I have used a wheelchair, a few years ago now, and it made the world of difference! I know one day I’ll have to use one again but next time I know I’ll be fine! :slight_smile:

Happy wheeling!! :slight_smile:

Julie x

Hi Pip

Karen really is amazing isnt she. always great sensible advice, and always up to date with everything too.

So pleased that you are getting used to Gertie and your life is improving because of her :smiley:

Paula xx

I am SO pleased that it went so well :slight_smile: Aren’t wheelchairs AMAZING?! :slight_smile: Karen x

well done you!! (((hugs)))

That’s just great! Well done for handling it so well and as for Karen, she clearly rocks! Xx

Brilliant Pip - I thought it would revolutionise shopping in particular for you. So pleased for you! Teresa xx

That’s wonderful Pip, really good news, will save you getting so tired out. Good ole Gertie long may she wheel you around.