Kaleidescope eye

I suffered with optic neuritis back in 1997 in my left eye, however at the end of July I had what I can only describe as looking through a Kaleidescope in the same eye with excruciating eye pain which lasted for about 6 hrs it did eventually restore to full vision apart from I have a problem with text/colours if I cover my right eye (the one I haven’t had problems with) text isn’t as clear and certain colours ie fushia pink looks very pale yet blue looks almost black!! Had an eye test with opticians who found nothing, now awaiting appt with opthamologist. Anyone ever experienced anything like this??

I have experienced similar to what what you described.

Although the kaleidescope hasn’t always been accompanied by pain. I used to suffer with very bad migraine headaches which was always accompanied by excruciating eye pain (almost like something very sharp being forced in to my eyeball).

I still experience the kaleidescope vision. Quite often when it’s dark and I’ve just woken up. It goes away again when I switch a light on thank goodness.

I have no experience with text and colour problems though, sorry.


Jaqueline Thanks for sharing your experience, suppose I will just have to wait & see what the opthamologist says. Sue

Good luck with your appt’ Sue hope all is well for you.