Just when you thought you had heard it all!!!

Just been listening to the news - A prisoner in Pakistan - a murderer - who contracted meningitis whilst in prison and now is paralysed from the waist down - and so in a wheelchair. They are wondering how they are going to’ hang him’ whilst in his wheelchair.

So gallows are not disabled friendly. What is the world coming to.

Ha! His wheelie could sit over a trap door…noose around his neck and voilà! Don’t remember a genius to work it out!


The last I heard he’d had a last minute reprieve, however if they must do it, there are plenty of alternatives.

Well apparently if they can’t hang a disabled person, they can still decapitate or slowly strangle him! At least Pakistan aren’t totally discriminatory against the disabled!! And as they’ve executed over 200 since reinstating the death penalty in December they might need to get creative.

I’m stunned that they can even consider carrying out a death penalty on a man (albeit a murderer) who was paralysed after contracting tubercular meningitis whilst in prison.


High ramp and a bungee cord ?