Just waving not drowning

Needing help to process this event so I can put it in a box throw it on the floor and madly jump up and down on it until it is nothing but pulp. In July I developed, what I used to call fondly as “my shakey head thing” by October I was no longer referring to it with such fondness. Several trips to GP. Neuro appointment. Same old story NAD on exam - nothing to worry about “dystopia” but was sent for an MRI as had two episodes of a shakey arm,buzzing lips and tinnitus. Not interested in big toe numbness (well - who would be?). Three weeks past. In this time other wacky symptoms raised their ugly heads. Finally a copy of a letter to my GP. Lesions suggestive of an autoimmune inflammatory response. Yesterday had VEP which triggered the shakey head symptoms which had gone on holiday for a few months. I was confident about the LP. Had one 6 years ago when the great and the good thought I’d had a stroke and it was a walk in the park. Well this time I think they wired me to the mains surreptitiously and gave me a spot of ECT for kicks. The pains that shot through my legs were unbelievable. Please don’t worry though it is VERY rare if you need one. This forum has given me a virtual hand to climb back on the trolley I was slipping off. Thank you everyone xxx

Hello and welcome to the site :slight_smile:

Well, whatever is causing it all, you’re in good company here - we all understand things like “shakey head things” and tinnitus - and we are certainly not disinterested in numb toes as many of us have them too!

I hope you don’t have too long to wait for the results.

Karen x

Hi Karen, Thank you and a massive thank you to the other stalwarts on this forum. When the going got tough you were all such a comfort with your grounded, caring support. Your knowledge has been invaluable. Much appreciated. Feel the love sisters (that includes the brothers) xx