Just want a straight answer

Hi all its moaning minnie again well thats how i feel this could be a long one so you may want to switch of now … ok i did warn you if your still here, as I said before had all these symptoms for 18 months now ( I know not long compared to some ) been told by neuro bottom line is ms but had to have lumbar done well thats done results in my oligoclonal bands and csf are positive ?? ( not quiet sure what this means ) but the neuro I saw this time is saying we should entertain the idear its ppms ( 3rd neuro as mine is of sick ) but my EMG was normal but my central motor conduct time was unatainable from my feet which could be because im overweight so he has now decided to send me for a full body MRI and do a renal test ??? and because of the pain in my arms and legs putting me on pregabalin and as I seem to be suffering low moods hes giving me Escitalopram for depression !!! so here we go again im still no better of still not sure is it or isn’t it MS as i said I JUST WANT A STRAIGHT ANSWER so I can get on and plan my life . Thats it folks moaning done for today I always feel better when its of my chest sorry to carry on so I know theres a lot more people worse of than me love and hugs to all if theres anyone still reading .

Hi Tizzie

Sorry I am not able to answer any of your questions or give you any more info but I just wanted to send love and hugs back to you. I know we always feel we should say say ‘theres a lot more people out there worse then me’ - but it still doesn’t take the pain or confusion away from us or make us cope any better.

Huge hugz ((((((0)))))))

Hey Tizzie - there’s only one you. You are further forward as you’re going to have a full body MRI - no nerve dodgy or not will be able to hide! Also meds for pain Hope you get an answer soon Hugs Min xx

How about a positive spin??? Citalopram is also used for nerve pain, so between it and the pregabalin, your pain might soon be a thing of the past. The fact that the neuro is checking all the possibilities means that when you do get a diagnosis, you can be sure it’s right. Renal dysfunction can cause all sorts of symptoms, but it’s treatable and PPMS isn’t (yet), so you never know… And last (but not least??) a full body MRI will be one hell of a screensaver for your PC!

Waiting is a complete bummer though. I really hope they stop looking and start deciding soon.

Karen x