Just received this website on MS FATIGUE...

Thank you Marcus.


You are welcome, Wendy.

Marcus. (Unfortunately, my Initials are MS!) x.

Thanks… very good… shared on Facebook.

Pat x

No probs, Pat.

Marcus. x.

Thank you Marcus, I received it too but put it into junk thinking it was such.

Its brilliant and perfectly describes how we feel when fatigued - which is most of the time.

Thanks for sharing,



thanks Marcus, very good, have shared, Jean

Well mine are WC, as that’s where I spend a lot of my time these days it is quite apt Marcus. I have always added my middle name of Elizabeth when usuing my initials but have lost any sense of shyness when it comes to the water closet these days so perhaps I should go back to WC.


If you on the website or organisation that made the film you can download their latest magazine which is devoted to MS fatigue. Loads of info!

Pat x

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for posting this,it will take me a while to get threw it but a bit at a time will do me.

Take Care.


Hi Marcus Thanks for that - it was really good, but we don’t need to read it do we? It’s everyone else! Teresa xx

I worked with someone many years ago who’s initials were, appropriately, SS. She was not a very nice person!

Her maiden name initials were SDS - we worked in a lab and SDS are the initials of a chemical we used to use. It irritated your throat when you weighed it out and didn’t have space in the fume cupboard to use that.

She went from being a bit of an irritant to someone much more unfriendly! Apparently married women deserve more respect, and are wiser in the ways of the world so you should listen to them and do what they say. When she had a child, well. Top of the heap!

Thanks to Bren, Jean, Wendy, Pat, Chris, Teresa & Ellen C and anyone else that I may have missed. I didn’t really do anything - just registered with the website - I’m just another ‘individual with MS!’. Good video, though.