Just like starting over...

Okay. New forum, new beginnings. I posted sporadically on the old forum several years ago and was more of a lurker than anything. Time for a reintroduction. So… hello! 12 years dx RRMS, pretty well generally if it weren’t for the constant stress and anxiety of working in HE, flirted with Tecfidera a few years back but really HATED the side effects and have a somewhat tenuous agreement with my consultant that they won’t foist any further DMDs on me unless it becomes real necessary :crazy_face:. I run (although whether I actually enjoy it is arguable), grow really bad vegetables, attempt massively over-complicated recipes on a regular basis (doesn’t help with the stress of course), think I can do DIY and have a loving family that do their utmost best to keep me from slipping into a state of morose contemplation… well that’s what I think the perpetual driving up the wall by my daughters is intended to do :roll_eyes:

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