Just like a baby kicking!

Last night, I suddenly got a sort of visible twitch in an abdominal muscle, freaked me out as it felt just like when I was pregnant and baby was moving or hiccuping!

Having reassured myself that I’m not pregnant, I promptly told my husband I want him to get a vasectomy since the (even remote) prospect of getting pregnant is so beyond consideration now that it would be a complete disaster. I am nearly 40 and do not have the energy anymore!

So, number one - the twitch is annoying but not painful, do I chalk it up with other random ongoing sysptoms or a relapse?

Secondly, is it safer for him to have the snip or me? I suspect he fears it more than me (brave men :wink: ), but I just want to be sure I won’t get pregnant ever, and have the least chances of long term problems from it. I read something about long term pain after vasectomy but information seems to vary wildly about how likely/bad it really is.

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Hi Zedsee I can’t answer your question ref a vasectomy, but I relate to the ‘baby kicking’ sensation you’ve experienced. I’ve had it a few times now and found it very bizarre! It totally reminded me of when I had my daughter in my tummy - freaky! Liana :slight_smile:

Wow!! Can’t believe how excited I was to read this. This was happening to me a few weeks ago and I thought I was cracking up. Felt like when baby moves/turns. Most peculiar! Have no experience of vasectomy or sterilisation but I’m such a control freak is probably want responsibility for it myself so would get my tubes tied.