Just joined the forum to talk to others who understand.

I was diagnosed about 10 years ago but after the symptoms that prompted diagnosis I have had few problems until I got trigeminal nuralgia couple of years ago but that went away so I got on with life but it has just come back and is annoying me as well as leaving me hungry!
I just want to hear from others who understand and are willing to chat as I’ve just moved and haven’t met many people locally yet!

Hi Lopes.
Welcome to the club nobody really wants to join!
I’ve heard how painful TN is…hope it soon leaves.

What type of MS do you have? Aside from TN, how much of an impact does it have on your life?

I’ve had PPMS 24 years…it progressed quickly. Been a full time wheelie for a long time. I need help with most things and have a good hubby and 2 carers. I’m 69 now.

Look forward to chatting more.
love Boudsx

Hello Boudsx,
I have relapsing remitting (is RR a common abbreviation?) MS and until the TN it has had very little impact on my life, I still drive, work, walk a fairly long way when I want to, so severe tingling in my mouth is very small in the grand scheme but very annoying. I phoned the local MS nurses this morning for advice on dealing with TN but they were only on voicemail and it took 2 calls to be able to speak long enough to leave my phone number, but I suspect they are used to that!
I can talk to someone normally but its things that are linked to something stressful that makes my voice fail due to pain.

Hi again, yeh RR is the shortened way to name relapsing/remitting MS.

I’m so pleased for you that you are managing to work, drive, walk etc.
Even so, keep an eye on your activities/rest yeh?
Love Boudsx