Just feeling really confused and don't know if I am imagining this!!

OKAY…Feel really confused about what is going on in my body but frightened to talk to anyone about it! Everyone one on this forum has surely felt the same at some time…

So, have had RLS for many years (about 30 or more) and was put on Sifrol about 2 years ago. Has helped a lot tho woe betide ever missing a dose, as I really suffer. About last 12 months have had tingling, numbness, pain (more recently) in hands and feet. Really affecting my driving as my hands can go totally numb!! Thought it may be Carpal Tunnel? But I have other problems…sudden exhaustion, but can’t sleep, muscle spasms, diagnosed as a torn intercostal muscle. Plus my vision has deteriorated terribly in last year…sometimes giving me a ghost like vision. I can get pretty breathles but I put that down to the weight gain…just falling to pieces, I think…shall I go on? Feel like a right moaner!! (Also I have had an underactive thyroid for twenty years so maybe that is to blame. )

Any ideas…or am I just worrying about nowt.???

Hi Jayne-Elizabeth, and welcome to the site

Are you just worrying about nowt? Possibly, but probably better to get it checked out to be sure. There’s a chance that all of these things are unrelated (except perhaps to age), but there are various conditions that could cause all or at least most of these symptoms so you should be asking your GP to consider all of them together rather than individually and then referring you to a suitable consultant (possibly a neurologist). It might be worthwhile getting a full battery of blood tests done first - some of these things can be caused by vitamin or mineral deficiencies as well as thyroid abnormalities.

I’d also see an optician if I were you and ask if the decline in your vision is normal for your age.

So: optician for eyes and GP for bloods and referral. Then take it from there :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Karen x

Hi Jayne-Elizabeth

Welcome to the forum. Karen has given you some great advice - I would head down to the GP and go through what is happening. It may or may not be anything to worry about but its important its looked at.

I haven’t much else to add but just wanted to welcome you