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Hi just neen diagnosed with MS officially on 28th june. Im 47
Started fkr me in dec 22 with my right 2 little fingers tingling and my left ankle feeling as if it was numb. I have broke both of these previously so thought it had to do with that. Blood test at doctors comfirmed low b12 at a low level of 73 so stsrted the 6 loading injections. This brought on the tiredness which i had never had. At the end of april i still had the above sypmtoms but my left eye started flickering and loosing sight which meant i had to stop driving amd working as vision was like being crosseyed. MRI and lumbar puncture then confirmed MS. They say its cognitive and should just effect my memory and thought process. Luckiky after 5 days of steroids and a month or rest im now back driving and working. Joined here as have questions which i think of daily and dont really knlw that much about it.
Thank you

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Hi Lilybug and welcome to the club we’d rather not join!

Is it RRMS you have? Sounds like it could be, as you are back to working and driving. Good for you.


‘Just’ affect your memory and thought process? What’s ‘Just’ about that???Doctors, eh? Don’t you love them? Well, never mind. MS is different for all of us (although there are some fairly common features) and you will learn to become familiar with yours. I am sorry that you have had such shocking news and pretty much out of the blue, by the sound of it. My diagnosis, many years ago - didn’t take long either. I’m still inclined to think that those of us who find out fairly quickly have a better deal than folks who have to soldier on for years without knowing what’s amiss. It’s not great news, though, and I am sorry that you have had this diagnosis.

All that being said, it’s good you’re here, and welcome.

Thank you…after nearly loosing my eye sight ill take anything…never been so scared…beijg new to this there is so much to learn and take it

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Hi what’s rrms?..ive loads of questions but no idea who to ask…thank god for her cheers

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Relapsing Remitting MS - RRMS. The sort most of us have, at least to start with. There is very good information on the main part of this MS Society site, and that’s a good place to start to find out about the condition.

Hi yes thats what I have …sorry just getting used to all this…im just so tired. Dont know wether it was because i was off work for 2 months literally doing nothing and now getting used to the routine again or wether its part of the ms …even had my b12 2 weeks ago and its done nothing. Hope your ok