Just diagnosed

I have recently been diagnosed with, clinically isolated syndrome.

I do not know what to think and expect. I am just stunned and dont know what the future holds. Am I going to be in a care home?

no kano, you won’t be going to a care home.

if you had more than one episode it could mean some long term neurological problem such as ms.

in your shoes i would look at it as a warning.

so avoid stress if at all possible.

take a vit b complex supplement.

get your vit d levels checked and take a supplement.

listen to what your body is telling you, rest when you need to, drink plenty of water, go for a long walk, eat well.

take care

carole x

Thanks for replying. I will start taking a supliment. I am in the dark a bit after my diagnosis. I see my doctor next week to ask him whats going on. Thanks again.

ok kano

just look after yourself and good luck

carole x