Just back from a week in rehab

In St Mary’s hospital, Leeds. Absolutely tired out, looking forward to week 2 next wk. Here’s hoping to a fantastically sunny(??!!) Bank Holiday weekend for everyone :):):slight_smile: Bev

hope you feel well very soon

and enjoy the hospital food

you won’t be missing any good weather

carole x

Hi there,

I have been referred to there too, is that where they do the physio etc etc, just to make sure it’s the same thing we are talking about!!

Good so far?

Hi, what have they been doing with/to you?


Hi schoey23, have pm’d u… Poll, St Mary’s is a rehab hospital that provides physio, OT, dietary and psychological therapy of which u might need one or all of!, bit like pick’n’mix! You stay in from Sun eve to Fri afternoon and work hard, pamper u, feed u up, make sure u have all the right equipment on order, try to meet the goals u made then send you home again! Just had a knock at the door… Time to go back for second week! Take care ALL!

Hi sounds like what happened when I used to go to the hospice respite centre. I loved it there.

Can`t go anymore as it is now for terminally ill only…I aint one those poor souls.

luv Pollx