Just an update :-)


I haven’t been on here for quite a while, so not sure if anyone is here who remembers me, but just wanted to share an update. I have now been formally told I have had cervical transverse myelitis which qualifies as CIS. I have had various tests such as blood tests and lumbar puncture, VEP etc. all have come back negative, so I was told at my last appointment that if these were clear I would be discharged to my rheumatologist under the assumption that the transverse myelitis was caused by my pre - existing Sjogrens syndrome. However I saw the neuro yesterday and as my left side weakness is getting (slowly) worse, he wants to refer me on to the MS consultants and send me for another brain/spine MRI with contrast…

So still no answers but being looked after very well (if over a long NHS timeframe lol)

Hope you are all getting the care you need,

Leah :slight_smile: