just a wee update

I am so happy to hear this, Mary. It’s been a long wait and you’ve been very patient and I’m glad that you got there in the end – it’s one less thing to worry about isn’t it?

Thank you so much Alison, yes it has been a bit of a wait but I am very grateful for all the support given by everyone, work, doctors and especially all of you with your words of wisdom keeping me
calm through it all.
I will always be very grateful to you all.
Much love

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Hello to all and I hope you are as well as can be
ANOTHER wee question…sorry.
My neighbour has given me a couple of mobility scooters to try and I just felt normal again being outside with the neighbours and just going around the cul de sac having a go.
The first one was a titan which was good but I think it is quite bulky and has to be taken apart to go in the car.
He picked that one up and has just dropped off a lighter weight one which is in the shed and I will give it a go when hubbie home from work. This one can be folded and put in the car easily, it can even be pulled behind someone when walking.
I will go to the local care co shop on Sunday and see what they think is best for me.
Sorry again for the long winded post but just wondered if any of you guys have any recommendations.
Much love

Take a look at the Motability guide, as they have a decent selection and broken down into the different types available.
Good plan to visit the shop and actually sit in a few, because comfort will be a big factor.
Mobility scooters | Motability Scheme

Just had a wee go on the smaller foldable scooter… scary as I didn’t feel secure. I will look at the Motability site.
I have called the car co and they are open on Sunday so we’ll head down and have a go at a few.
Thanks again and hop you are well.
Much love

Have you considered a powerchair as an option? I only mention this as there are few foldable types to choose from and might be easier to transport.
Perhaps something else to try out at the shop.

Powered wheelchair search results | Motability Scheme

Thanks so much for sending this info, I will certainly have a look.
I will let you know how I get on
Much love