just a thought!! gabapentin before tests?


just a thought really,if as i have had been on gabapentin for many years,would the tests be thawted by the meds,calming symtoms down,i only ask as i remember even my neuro said he had thought of it himself,i do wonder what the findings might have been if i hadn’t been on them.i have just gone up another 100mg,taking me up slowly to to 1500mg,hoping the side effects will n ot be too bad,as really want a rest from the relenting parathesia and face symtoms and pain.has anyone been in this situation before having there tests.

love boz xxx

Hi Boz, As far as I know, there are no tests for pain or paraesthesia anyway, so I can’t see how drugs for symptomatic relief of those would affect any tests you might have. Tina