Just a suspicion

Hi, this is my first post and I almost feel a bit of fraud but have this nagging doubt about MS. Although I consider myself healthy I’ve had a number of health issues which all started around Nov 2014. My first visit to the GP was a nagging headache that wouldn’t shift. It felt like an arc over my head from ear to ear. My head was tender to touch.I felt generally unwell and had CT scan but all clear. GP thought I may have glandular fever from blood results and then my daughter was confirmed with glandular as well so it was more than likely correct. The GP also detected high blood pressure for which I was medicated. My BP remained high despite the treatment and eventually I received a heart angiogram where they found a major blockage. As I was waiting for stents I suffered my first heart attack (male aged 45). The consultant put 2 stents straight away and the blockage was cleared. I continued to suffer with chest pains with many visits to ER but no heart attack diagnosed. During the autumn of 2015 I played in a veterans rugby match (not one of my best ideas) and as a result of this received a collapsed disc in my cervical spine and an entrapment of my ulna nerve. The pain was excruciating and eventually I was given amitriptyline which did the trick and numbed the pain. I’m still taking a high dosage of amitriptyline which knocks me out at night time.

In September 2016 I suffered another heart attack and was found to have a blockage in the same location as my stents. The blockage was cleared. Since this I’ve had numerous episodes of chest pain and have been thoroughly checked out with further angiograms and a stress MRI. This is still ongoing and why I’ve started to look at other things. Someone mentioned to me the MS hug and after doing some reading it started to fit some of my symptoms - I know internet diagnosis can be a very bad thing but I started to relate to some of the other symptoms. The hug (because that’s what it feels like) is around my whole chest and back area and sometimes my arms as well.

I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia (the very same initial headache symptom) and take Tegretol which seems to have kept a lid on it. However this has recently come back and is hanging around like a bad friend. The other thing that makes me think possibly MS is a sensation I get in my right knee. I feels like I’m wearing a really tight tubigrip which starts about 6 inches below and above the knee. It comes sometimes when I’m walking and sometimes when sitting or just standing. It’s almost as if my knee is make of rubber. I also get shooting pains all over my limbs and hands/feet but very sporadic.

The other similar symptoms are my eyesight is one minute very good (I’ve never worn glasses) and then things like reading or watching TV my vision really strains to focus and then in an hour or so it’s fine again.

Sorry for such a long post but I’ve tried to keep it brief. One of my real concerns is that I have been taking amitriptyline and Tegretol for some time now and has this been suppressing any symptoms? I’m going back to my GP on Tuesday so will hopefully see what she suggests. I’m probably barking up the wrong tree and it’s something else or maybe just in my head.

Thanks for reading


hi devon skye (nice name by the way- blue)

i hope for your sake that it isn’t ms but something more treatable.

you do need to know exactly what is causing all these symptoms though.

hope your doc can help.

Thanks Carole. My GP is very good so hopefully she’ll help me get some answers.

Hello DS

Good plan to see your GP. I would suggest that you don’t mention MS, doctors generally aren’t too keen on people slotting their symptoms into a given diagnosis. Instead ask the GPs advice as to whether referral to a neurologist might be an idea given your trigeminal neuralgia plus mysterious squeezing feeling round chest and knee. Plus the odd eyesight and sporadic shooting pains.

You could be right that they are all connected, but it’s possible that they are all related, even neurologically, just not to MS. That’s the trouble with MS, so many symptoms are shared with other diagnoses. That’s why it’s better to give the GP a list of symptoms that you are now putting together and ask him/her whether it warrants a neurological examination.

Best of luck.


(Btw, what colour would Devon sky be? I have an arty friend who’s very keen on sky at the moment. Carole’s right, it’s a good name!)

Hi Sue,

thanks for the advice. You’re right and I won’t mention MS as you say could be so many other things and not necessarily connected.

Devon is where I live and Skye is my dogs name!

But the Sky has been pinky and full of snow!