Just a rant...

… So I wrote directly to the Neurologist at the end of November last year. Even allowing for the long Christmas break, I would have expected some kind of response by now.

In early January I phoned his Secretary to be told that yes my letter had been received (but hadn’t been read until 21st December) and it was now awaiting a reply to be typed up, but she couldn’t tell me how long that would be.

It’s bad enough having come to expect appointments to take months to come through, but 2 months for a reply to a letter…! Totally unacceptable.

And I bet the response will have ‘dictated 3rd January, typed 24th January’ and at the bottom, ‘checked but sent unsigned to avoid delay’! I hate that.

You could approach PALS and complain (find the details of how on your hospitals website - PALS = Patient Advice and Liaison Service).


Rang Neuro Secretary again today, was told my letter is still in the queue awaiting reply - they are still working through the backlog from November and have 2 staff off sick. I replied that it wasn’t acceptable to have to wait nearly 3 months for a reply to a letter, that I need the confirmation letter for some forms I am filling in, she said they were answered in date order and a reply would be sent out in due course. I said staff being off sick shouldn’t be made the patient’s problem.

To add further insult to injury… received a letter informing me that my Neurologist is no longer going to be my Neurologist and a new one will be allocated at my next appointment (whenever that is going to be)… so have to start over again with someone new.


Just to warn you, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

October 2015 early I had a VEP test. I never heard the results so assumed it was normal.

25th February 2016 I had a letter from my neuro to say the VEP test was positive and could i come and see him.

eastendgirl…Don’t know whether you are new to MS, but as you can tell by the comments, this is your NHS at work. We in Telford have been without an MS nurse for 2 years. 3 months for a letter is not surprising and a backlog of work is pretty usual.

It does vary in geographical location. Postcode lottery indeed. It won’t only be the neuro dept either. All you can do is keep pestering them by phone and email.

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Left unsigned to avoid delay - ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I spoke to two secretary’s. One was my neuros NHS secretary the other his private one lol.

the NHS secretary worked for him a few hours a week alongside a ton of other people. He had a ton of patients to deal with. I said to her crikey you must be run ragged, yes she said and i have other specialists to type for, its not unusual to have a backlog of several months.

The private did more work so her backlog was less so i found it easier to see him privately.