Just a quick service??

I saw the neurologist for my review 2 weeks ago. The MRI department phoned up to make the appointment. She said she needed to check my notes and then gave me one in 6 days. I’m glad it’s so quick and at the weekend so won’t impact on work. It’s stupid but the speed has bothered me.

Hi Dextersmum!

I know it’s not easy but I would try not to panic! Sometimes they have cancellations or are clearing backlogs by offering appointments on weekends xxjenxx

Thanks. I try to forget about it in between reviews/appointments.

Please don’t be put off or panicked by a weekend appointment. MRI machines are hugely expensive to run and to stop/start. It is because of tis that they are driven 7 days a week. I have had Sunday appointments and it really doesn’t mean a thing. Good luck, Chis x