Just a couple of questions

Can I work and claim dla Do I have to tell my interviewee I have a disability


hope these help!

ellie x

Hi Anon, yes you can work and claim DLA. Many people do. It’s not against the rules but can help you continue to work.

No you don’t have to tell them at interview that you have MS, but also there is no reason not to. You are protected by the Disabilities Equalities Act so they cannot refuse you the job because of MS.

When they make you the job offer it’s probably a good idea to tell them then… they can’t change their mind then and they’ll know that.

It all depends how much your MS affects you. But I think it’s sensible to tell them just in case you have a relapse or need any aids and adaptations at work.

Good luck. Hope the interview goes well.

Pat x

pat says it much better than me! saw u had no replies and just wanted to try and help

ellie x

Hi DLA is a non means tested benefit that is available if you are deemed eligible irrespective of working or not With middle rate care your pattner may be able to claim caters allowance if there are 2 of you- non means tested but taxable or if you live alone and on mid care you may be able to claim a single person equivalent You do not have to tell interviewer of disability and it is illegal to ask DDA. You could tell them if they are two ticks. May help with reasonable adjustment :slight_smile: x