Just been doing a bit of surfing and came across summat new to me!


Had a good gander around their site,…mmm, very interesting. They take groups of wheelchair users on foreign holidays, going by ferry on a fandabydozey adapted coach,…double deckers too!

Looks like groups hire the buses and pay according to what they need.

Doesn’t look like individuals can go, but need to be part of a group.

All the same, I’ve made enquiries.

Will tell all when I find out!

Can’t keep my surfing fingers out of trouble.

By the way, our Sophie is snoozing on me knee!



Sounds interesting this Jumbulance malarky!

Do post what you find out

hi poll

you’ll probably be able to book on the jumbalance, they’ll want to use up empty seats.

ask about it and good luck.

nice to hear that sophie is getting her beauty sleep

carole x

They used to use it for taking disabled pilgrims on trips to Lourdes.
In my town , it was also a case of looking for volunteer “companions” who - of course - had to pay their own way.

The reality is that it is adapted from a continental bus, and I believe that it is owned by a charity who want to see it used as much as possible. I think that they have expanded into other types of vehicle, with the disabled in mind. See:

Thanks Dr G. I’ll report back when I get a reply from them.