Joke or cannabis

Morning all.

I havn’t been on for a couple of months mainly because jokes are now frowned upon.

So I find postings about cannabis which is illegal.

Mind you I suppose each can give you a good chuckle.


Bring back jokes

lf you resolve to give up smoking,

drinking, and loving.

You don’t actually live longer

lt just seems LONGER.

Clement Freud.

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[Content removed by Moderator - as you knew it would be]

Medicinal Marijuana is now legalised in Puerto Rico. Read this just now in the New Pathways mag.

oh you buggers!

they were funny!

never mind. thanks for playing :slight_smile:

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Only those countries ‘progressive’ enough to genuinely question a ruling laid down in the 1920s, based upon the unproven and untested testimony of an Egyptian (read Sharia) delegate, made as a mere footnote to a conference, which was principally regarding cocaine and opiate trafficking.

you got a mention on fb, Paolo.


i got a what now? have i been taken out of context? does fame, celebrity and fortunes beckon? am i the next Bieber?

As long as you don’t start wearing those tight shiny pants and winkle pickers, Paolo!

I’ll not copy/paste the picture so people know what I’m on about, I’m not that evil ;D

to be honest, i am far out of touch with the yoof and their hippety hoppety…

and i am not even sure i have any winkles worth picking anymore!

but i will never surrender my tight pants! especially not the shiny ones!!

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I’m with you Ronin - I don’t look on here anywhere near as much as I used to and I know several others who feel the same. It seems a few members can dictate the content for the rest of us.

I will probably be on less and less cause, to the honest, the site just seems so much more depressing now. Unless of course I was a member of the police!!


l was only wondering what had happened to you JBK! - l thought the modpolice had ejected yet another interesting member.

Glad to see you too JBK.

luv Pollx

luv right back at you Poll - (ne te confundant illegitimi) hehe xxx

Spacejacket - to be honest I got fed up with this site for a while. It seemed to be only questions on medication and symptoms, neither of which I can really help with. I’m lucky with my MS and don’t take any meds - even my relapses (one at the moment though which is making my burlesque difficult ) are not severe enough to be called that officially according to a neurologist.

So there were very few posts I could make a comment to so I just got out of the habit of checking in every day like I used to. Its sad cause people newly diagnosed need to know that there is more to life than pain and pills once they get told.

JBK xx