Joan Rivers

Following this weeks passing of one of my top favourite female comedians, I watched last nights Audience with....from 2006. It was hilarious, but not for everyone as it was full of Joan`s own inimitable take on humour. Loved it!

RIP Joan.


I watched it too Poll…hilarious!! you could see some of the audience squirming in their seats. What a funny, shocking woman she was. Heaven will know they have her :slight_smile:

PS; lovely to see you back on the forum poll :slight_smile:

Now that was a woman who matched her ‘evil’ brain to her smart mouth.I wonder where she’s heading for?


I have to agree!
A very funny woman!
Unfortunately I realised 2/3 of the way through I was giving myself a headache trying to follow
all of her jokes / comments so had to turn it off.
Just a little too manic I guess.
But she will long be remembered!

Take care all!


Nice to see you back Poll.

I loved Joan Rivers too. Very funny woman.

I have a funny feeling she will fill heaven with fun and laughter. You go Joan!!

Speak soon Poll.

Shazzie xx