Afternoon all, hope you’re enjoying the Spring Here’s a very fitting word for us with MS: Jirble - a verb meaning to spill (usually a liquid) by shaking or unsteady moving of the vessel. Eg, Arsington arse, I just jirbled my tea. Dan

Ooh, nice one Dan. Just what we needed. I can’t pick up anything with my left hand because I’m likely to jirble it.

So when I sat on the wrong side of the coffee table yesterday (because my left arm was hurting a lot and it was less painful to stand up on the other side), my OH made me a cup of tea, I picked it up with my left hand (the only one that would reach it) and jirbled it all over me.

Today I am less likely to jirble my tea, a) because I haven’t got any, Mr Sssue has gone out, and b) because I’m sitting on the other side so when he comes home and makes me a cup of tea (else I will whine and moan), I shall be able to pick it up without jirbling it (probably, even my right hand can jirble drinks).



That’s an impressive amount of jirbles in one post


lol i thought it was going to be about writing jirble or jibberish. I do all the time. when did i get so dyslexic. but i love that word jirble lol made me chuckle thanks for that.

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I am always jirbling my food i have to get my tops washed most days, but i never jirble my tea as well i dont drink it bleurgh lol.

Many options to extend your vocab when disabled. When out with a wheelie, we are pootling along. Or strundling (he strolls, I trundle) or even bimbling…

Thank you he_funk,

I shall remember that, I’m really rather good at Jirbling.


There’s some good words there. But I still say I’m going out for a stroll to stretch my legs, even though my legs are doing nowt & It’s my arms doing all the work. To say I’m going to stretch my arms feels wrong