The families will finally get Justice today - “You’ll never Walk Alone” 96 lost lives 15-04-1989

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At Last - Long over due

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The disaster was truly horrendous and avoidable, but the cover up was utterly inexcusable and hope the families find some comfort from the damning verdict. I wonder how the Sun will be reporting the vindication of the fans?

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Exactly whammel - i never buy The S*N but will be interesting to see the headlines tomorrow. #JFT96

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believe the jury got it right.

but if one of the 96 was a relative I’d be distressed to know that he/she had been killed and I wouldn’t be cheering.

Think the families were/are cheering /crying, that their loved ones reputation and names have been cleared & vindicated…I was there and we weren’t drunk, we didn’t urinate on the dead or rob them…unbelievable relief for them #96


Very, very well said Redman. I’m a Scouser (although a Blue not a Red!) and I felt the urge to shout, cry, laugh and, yes, sing when I listened to the verdicts come in so God knows what a torrent of emotions the families felt.


I wasn’t at Hillsborough and I didn’t lose anyone, however, friends/people I worked with were there and were lucky not to be injured. One of them is actually on the footage being hauled up onto the balcony. I did some time on the emergency phone lines when it happened and I remember the shock and hurt that was caused to everyone in my home city by the lies that were published in the Sun AND in other media.

It was devastating for me and the pain has carried on for the past 27 years even at my distance so I cannot begin to even start to imagine what the families have felt every single day for the last 27 years. They have known that their loved ones have died, in horrible circumstances, for 27 years. Yesterday those loved ones were vindicated in a formal legal environmt; let them be proud or happy or defiant. If anyone has earned it, they have.

Finally, justice.


Agree 100% Boblatina but the Trolls that are on internet talking about wallowing in self pity and the 39 poor souls that died at Heysel make me ill - people were convicted for Heysel (unsafe stadium) but the lies that were told about the football fans that day and the times I’ve been to Anfield and had to listen to the chants about Scousers, from a few idiots etc should now STOP…#YNWA


Ah yes, the self pity line reminds me that loveable rouge Boris Johnson when he was editor of the Spectator, and subsequent need for an apology. This is the same Boris who went on to state that the telephone hacking scandal was all cooked up by the Labour Party.

Even by Tory standards the man is a nasty piece of work and thoroughly self serving.


My feelings are that, lies were told and documented by the forces of law and order, therefore, some people will have to answer or be convicted…folk happily stood back and said that we killed our own fans and were drunk, the list goes on…its a weight off the families shoulders and Liverpool can once more hold its head up high…vindicated…