Jeremy Kyles emergency room


Did anyone see JKs emergency room programme yesterday? A woman had been having tests for 15 years due to sore, swollen eyes and then neurological symptoms. Yesterday they did an mri and found that the lower part of the brain was pushing down into the spinal cord. The doctor believed that her eye problems were caused by something different.

I know from my own expriences that more that one condition can be present yet we often get told that symptoms do not fit a certain condition. It makes sense to look outside the box and investigate fully.

I dont know if this woman had had an mri before or not within the 15 years of her symptoms but on the face of it it seemed to be a simple way to diagnose a condition where she will be offered an operation to hopefully ease her symptoms.


I did watch that episode yes and I was astounded that she’d been waiting for 15 years to get her problem diagnosed - especially as after just one MRI the answer to at least some of her issues had been identified.

You would think that an MRI would be a fairly early diagnostic tool wouldn’t you?

You would think an mri would have been done as she had balance problems and nerve pain and odd sensations plus bad headaches…

Maybe she has had one and it was maybe shed been given a fibro diagnosis and left to get on with it…who knows