jcv positive


I have been on tysabri for 14 months and have just found out my last test for

Jcv came back positive. Its only a low positive.just wondering if anyone has had a low positive turn to

a high positive and if so how long did it take to happen?

Pretty sure I am going to come off anyway as have had problems from start with tysabri.many side effects

and continually wiped out on it.

Thanks for any replies


Hi Bex

I’m jc positive I’ve been on Tysabri since 2008 I just had my 85th infusion on Monday I don’t know what I’m titre levels are if I’m high or low positive. I think the levels can go up and down all the time that’s what my Neuro said and what I’ve read about it to and that’s the reason I never got the test I’m doing great on Tysabri and its got me out and kept me out of a wheelchair plus I’ve been relapse Free since I started I just don’t want to rock the boat if I was to get tested and it came back a really high positive they might take me off Tysabri cause they not me would think the risk to high I’m not scared of the risks but I would be scared of how things might end up without Tysabri I’ve been there and that’s a risk I’m not willing to take.