JC + looking for options

Hi all, I’m new here. Was on Tysabri for 13 years. Found out I’m JC+ Jan 2018. Was taking off Tysabri and put on Rebif just so that I’m getting some sort of meds. Dr. Wants me to move to Lemtrada because of being on Tysabri for so long. I’m scared and don’t know what I’m going to do. Being on Rebif sucks… Had new MRI of Brain and CEline this past Mon. Waiting to see if there has been any progression. I feel like carp. I’m most worried because I have a 2 year old and ugh I’m so nervous. Please any insight on Lemtrada. Thanks in advance

hi kat

lemtrada sounds like an excellent DMD.

get advice from your ms nurse.

as for caring of your 2 year old, take up all offers of help.

there is a facebook group for lemtrada and you’ll get insight from people who are taking it.

carole x

Hi Kat

Or have a look on There are lots of members in their forum who’ve had Lemtrada.