jack white

i’ve just been to blackpool with my hubby to see jack white at the winter gardens.

it was fantastic and we had fish and chips on the way back to the car.

smiling and tired



Jack White from the White Stripes/Raconteurs? Glad you had a good time.

We just went to see the Killers at the LG. And, for anyone who is considering going to an event at the LG we found the staff at the concert incredibly thoughtful and eager to assist me. And, the parking was right outside the venue!

Result :slight_smile:

How was accessibility at the Winter Gardens?


Hi Carol, thanks for posting this. i am thinking of taking a few days break in Blackers next spring. There are a couple of hotels which cater superbly for folk who need wheelie access and equipment. good to know where else is good too. Glad you enjoyed it.

luv Pollx

Seeing the killers in sheffield tomorow. Can’t wait. Another venue great for w/chair access.



Neil - You will LOVE the Killers, they are amazing, they also do a fab light show! Have fun and let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Carole - LG arena is in Birmingham. I am not able to stand for a concert or traipse up to a balcony so accessible w/chair seating. Certainly not able to walk a mile! So glad you had a nice time.


Hi - I am very jealous that you are seeing the Killers, my sons will be too! Teresa xx

did you see apocalypse by derren brown?

this poor lad - his family set him up to teach him to have some responsibility.

his brother was taking him to see the killers for his 21st birthday.

derren brown made it seem that a meteor shower had hit earth and infected people with some kind of space disease.

the infected were like zombies, quite amusing other than my maternal instinct made me feel sorry for the lad.

carole x

ps it was all the posts about going to see the killers that prompted me to remember this