Jack Osborne/young dads


Hi all
There was lots of media coverage of Jack Osbourne’s diagnosis with MS yesterday.
We have several journalists wanting to hear from other young dads in a similar position – can you help?
If so please email 
Greg [admin]

i hope some of the young dads that reply have some positive stories to tell. this site is great but it can be extremely daunting being confronted with stories of people that have it very badly. the media must convey the fact that ms is a diverse condition, and affects everyone very differently. i went to hospital a few weeks ago and one of the nurses that saw me had ms herself - she said she recurringly gets optic neuritis, as do i at the moment. everyone experiences this differently, and all jacl, like eveeyone else, needs to know is that the symptoms many of us share such as tiredness and fatigue are those we can all sympathise with, and those we can help with.



I aint a Dad-but just bringing this back to the front page thumbsup

Ellie x