Izzy Wheels!!!!

Hi gang, check this link out!!!


Pat xx

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Very snazzy, I’m geared up to make something similar. To get them graffiti skills into action. The colour adds fun, to the doom & gloom existence. You would never find a grey skate park. It makes pictures come to life.

Thanks for sharing Pat.



Brilliant Pat, thanks for sharing.

Pam xx

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Pimp my ride! luv it, & what a smile!!

my crutch’s got the paint & sticker’s deal, i don’t have a wheel chair yet, but when i do

Like her attitude, if ya carn’nt stand up, stand out!!


I love it ! I think it would only be for self propel chairs. I’ve always tried to jazz up my chair I’ve got a spider and two bats hanging off it. And of course my own gorgeous Frazer attached to the side of it. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile