I've upset the moderators and now I can't post

I did a post, on someone else’s thread (can’t say which one, because I’m sure this won’t go up if I do) which I think didn’t fit into the relentlessly optimistic tone in which everyone else was posting. Then when I tried to post about my new mobillity scooter (and stopping driving - isn’t it true that people who aren’t safe driving should stop?) that didn’t go up either. I think I have been labelled ‘subversive’ and I probably won’t be allowed to post for ages. I know this has happened to other people (those slightly pathetic ‘why are all my posts being blocked?’ posts that we sometimes see). Anyway, I’m not really expecting this one to get through, but just in case it does, thanks for the recommendations on a lightweight scooter - I got a TravelScoot in the end and it’s fab.