I've lost complete faith and have no where to turn :'(

Kettering general hospital.... I was admitted nearly 3 months ago.. then once discharged had 3 mri scans on my head, spine then a more detailed one on a specific part of the spine again. I still have had no results ive contacted them they have no record of me..? Then they say if im in pain and symptoms are getting worse go to the gp and get him to contact them to get an appt brought forward, so i did, he wrang them whilst i was with him... left it a month still nothing (BARING IN MIND HE SAID TO THEM I NEEDED TO BE SEEN IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS!) wrang kettering again still nothing.. four month before an appt will be made... unless i go to my gp yet again.. so ive done that and he is demanding i am to be seen. I am in so much pain so have been given morphine but i swear if im not seen soon im going to loose the use of my right hand, its cramping and stiff so bad and ive got a terrible band around my right arm along with terrible odd feeling through my feets and legs. I have mycolonus andd tremor when i do anything.. i dont know what to do anymore. I feel i have no where to go and have to jst let my body become useless.... :(

Hi Poppy xxx poor you I really feel for you xx it's so frightening and frustrating - chasing appointments and results when you are so unwell is just not on x

But I'm afraid it's all you can do at the moment - sounds like your GP is on to it but you need to keep nagging x I know how you feel because I was exactly there a few months ago xxxxjenxxxx

((((hugs Poppy))))

Keep on your GP's case. I know you have been and I know he has been chasing it up for you but don't let up.

As wrong as it seems, sometimes we do have to be really firm and speak up a bit louder and more often to get anywhere.

Debbie xx 


I’d contact PALs and see what they say.

Contact PALS and speak to your GP. It's not on Poppy. Don't give up - it'll be you that suffers if you do. It's frustrating and so not the way it should be but please don't give up. You need help.



((((hugs))) you always have us to turn to. xx

Hi,me neuro dept is a joke! Seen so many neuros, I could go to their xmas party.

My GP is also trying to find out what`s going on. I feel if I complain officially \i will find even more doors closed to me.

At least my pain is quite well controlled. But new things crop up like pressure pains in bed now. seeing someone about that tomorrow.

Seems all our lives are filled with medical matters and very little else!

I do hope you can get some pain relief VERY soon. BTW my GP prescribed nerve pain killers without a diagnosis and they work.

luv Pollx

Thankyou soo much everyone for your support. Ive been fighting and ive managed to get a cancellation for tomorrow so fingers crossed he'd shed some light if they've managed to find my files :s. Ill keep you all updated to how i get on! Thankyou again everyone and btw what is Pals? xxx