ive just been diagnosed and have no clue!

Hi everyone my name is Marie and ive just been diagnosed with MS about three weeks ago. it came as a very big shock but it did answer alot of questions symtoms etc. when i was Diagnosed their were two doctors present One female who was lovley and a male who wasnt so nice infact he made me feel very uncomfortable asking me questions such as when was the last time i actually felt well, how much do i drink and if a take drugs and about my mental health.

The female DR came back with My MRI results and said i had MS and a appointment with a MS nurse will be sent out through the post which im still waiting for but i got made to feel like i was wasting his time as i say the female was lovley. i was wondering if anyone else gets/got made to feel they were wasting time.

ive been told to contact a nurse if i have any new symtoms well i have been getting horribble pains in my chest down to my abdomen if feels like a really bad stitch and it tightens i spoke to a friend who has MS and she said it was a MS hug and should ring but i feel like id be wasting their time.

Ive noticed alot of people say oh i get that or dont worry its normal but i find they dont understand and say ahh i know how you feel

at the moment i feel like im in Limbo please say it gets better